Simple Cordon Xview DOR PROcut

Basic equipment

  • Central hydraulic width adjustment Xview; simultaneously or separately adjustable via parallelogram

  • Two double-acting hydraulic masts 1100mm (with 800 mm stroke); simultaneous or separate height adjustment

  • Comfort Controller with joystick-operation

  • PROcut cutter boards made of anodized aluminum profile with easy-to-clean, high-grade anodized surface

    • Closed drive unit and encapsulated bearings prevent penetration by water and contamination of the bearings

    • Optimally dimensioned, maintenance-free V-ribbed belt drive

    • The V-ribbed belts do not require retightening and allow greater transmittable output (higher torque)

    • Turbo knife 2.0 for high cutting performance and increased cutting quality (rejecting the wire)

  • Stainless steel deflector plates on the horizontal and vertical cutter boards

  • Diverse adjustment options:

  • Hydraulic width adjustment for cutting widths from 1.10m – 2.65m (inner cutter boards)

  • Hydraulic telescopic cutting width adjustment for canopy widths from cm 0.40m – 1.50m (tunnel)

  • Hydraulic lateral tilt of vertical cutter boards +/- 15° each side (Tilt function via hydraulic lift, simultaneously or separately adjustable)

  • Manual adjustment of the vertical cutting angle:

    • Over-the-row cutter boards: 10° outwards/ 5° inwards

    • Inner cutter boards: 5° outwards/ 5° inwards

  • Gas-spring impact protection on over-the row cutter boards with automatic return to the initial position

  • Storage stand

Vertical cutter boards (1 set, consisting of 4 vertical PROcut cutter boards)

PROcut cutter boards 1.35m (4 knives)
PROcut cutter boards 1.55m (5 knives)
PROcut cutter boards 1.65m (5 knives)
PROcut cutter boards 1.85m (6 knives)
PROcut cutter boards 1.95m (6 knives)

Horizontal cutter boards (1 set, consisting of 2 horizontal PROcut cutter boards)

Horizontal cutter boards 1.35m (3 knives) with hydraulic height adjustment

Horizontal cutter boards 1.55m (5 knives) with hydraulic height adjustment

ERO Trimmer ELITE Xview


  • Lower cutter board (1 knife), continuously adjustable up to 45° (manual) with separate hydraulic motor

  • Lower cutter board (2 knives), continuously adjustable up to 45° (manual) with separate hydraulic motor

  • Shoot lifters for mounting to vertical cutter boards or for mounting to lower cutter boards