ERO Cane Pruner VITECO

fast | economical | efficient

ERO Cane Pruner VITECO

ERO-Cane Pruner VITECO

Each year the job of manually stripping bits of vine and canes after pruning is a highly challenging vineyard task. A considerable amount of time and physical effort is required to do this.

The cane pruner VITECO from ERO strips and mulches cane in one pass while minimizing the manual work steps before and after the cane pruner is deployed.

How you benefit

Fast | Economical | Efficient

  • The physically demanding work of cane removal is carried out mechanically. Only minor preparation work and work after cane removal has to be done by hand.
  • Yields a return starting from 35 ha

  • High output

    • Surface performance: 2 ha/day
    • Work speed: up to 8 km/h
  • Only minimal adjustments to vineyard necessary

  • Low center of gravity and compact mounting thanks to a new lift mast design

  • Compatible with all narrow row tractors

  • Rugged and hard-wearing

Hydraulic Unit VITIpower 160 ERO Cane Pruner VITECO

VITIpower 60 hydraulic system

Maximum PTO speed for tractor: 540 rpm = 60 l/min
Rated output at 200 bar working pressure and maximum liter output: 20 kW
Hydraulic oil filling amount: 80 l