BINGER Pre-Pruner VSL 07 P

Counter-rotating shearing disks trim the grape vines back to the desired height. Each of the two rollers equipped with shearing disks is driven by its own oil motor. The rollers are opened by pushing a button for driving into a row or when reaching a post.

Three frame sizes allow cutting lengths from 21 and 105 centimeters. This allows optimal adaptation of the device to existing vineyards. Rapid retooling to different cutting lengths. Therefore the VSL07 P is suitable for both cordon-trained and cane-pruned vines.

Frame sizes:

  • Frame 1: up to 2 x 8 blades, max. cutting length 49 cm
  • Frame 2: up to 2 x 12 blades, max. cutting length 77 cm
  • Frame 3: up to 2 x 16 blades, max. cutting length 105 cm

How you benefit

  • Cutting back is possible before leaf fall because exposed shearing disks are not susceptible to blockage.

  • Due to its low weight the VSL 07 P can also be used on steep slopes and in difficult terrain.

  • Rapid and uncomplicated retooling to other cutting lengths.

  • The simple design of the VSL 07 P makes maintenance easy.

  • Can be equipped with saw blades.

  • Can be mounted on ERO lift frames

High travel speeds possible

The most rugged pre-pruner on the market

  • Equipped with durable shearing disks

NEW! VITIassist

Camera-based opening system

  • Camera-based automatic opening system
  • Option for the Binger Pre-pruner VSL 07 P
  • Reliable and immediate response
  • Can be used for all types of post
  • Enables a higher working speed
  • Recognises the posts even in the foliage wall and can therefore be used directly after harvesting
AOS 2.0 BINGER Pre-Pruner

NEW! AOS 2.0

Opening system with mechanical post detection

  • Manual adjustment of the opening and closing times
  • Can be used for all types of posts
  • Excellent driving comfort reduces driver strain
  • High travel speed for high surface performance
  • Can also be used on high-vigor grapevines