Binger Seilzug - Orchard Trimmer OBS Profi

Building on decades of experience in the development of pruning systems, Binger Seilzug now offers the Orchard Trimmer OBS Profi, a robust, high-quality attachment.


Designed for use in professional orchards, the OBS Profi is notable for offering numerous adjustments, low maintenance and a very long working life.

Equipment and features

  • Modular design enables simple adaptation to differing operating conditions
  • High quality stainless steel side members
  • Robust construction of the cutting mechanisms
    • Power transmission by multi-ribbed belts
    • Encapsulated bearings for low maintenance and a long working life
    • One hydraulic motor for every three saw blades
  •  Strong XHD lift mast for high loads
    • Lateral inclination with adjustable plastic bearing pads
    • Slides have robust roller guides which can be re-lubricated
  • Range of cutting lengths
  • Self-cleaning saw blades ensure clean cuts
  • Impact protectors on upper and lower cutters
  • OBS Profi storage frame


Technical Data

Cutting lengths


Side member:

max. 4,00 m

Upper cutter:

max. 0,95 m (one motor)

Lower cutter:

max. 0,40 m (one motor)



Oil flow requirement:

ca. 28 l/min at 140 bar

Hydraulic power requirement:

ca. 7 kW



Saw blades:

ca. 400 mm diameter, 84 teeth

Cutting performance with
saw blades:

ca. 10 - 12 cm branch diameter



  • Upper cutter
    • With three saw blades - 95 cm cutting length
    • Includes hydraulic height and angle adjustments
  • Lower cutter 
    • Ca. 40 cm cutting length (one motor)
  • Flail knives (for up to ca. 3 cm branch diameter)
    • For summer trimming and thin branches
  • Hail-net function (only in conjunction with the Comfort Controller)
  • Comfort Controller with joystick operation
    • Operates four double-acting functions and one single-acting
    • Only one control required
  • Hydraulic unit
    With 26 cm3 or 36 cm3-pump. 41 l/min or 50 l/min flow rate (depending on version), 100 l hydraulic oil tank capacity, hydraulic oil cooler, thermal switch for cooler fan, oil level and temperature display
  • Oil cooler for installation in the pressure-free return line

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