Binger Seilzug - Leaf Removers EB490 Professional

The Binger Seilzug Leaf Remover EB 490 P is the next generation of the world’s most successful leaf remover.

The counter-rotating rollers gently pluck the leaves from the vines, providing effective and efficient leaf removal in all canopy styles. One of the rollers is deeply grooved for improved airflow is also equipped with a patented cleaning comb which prevent build-up on the rollers. The valuable grapes remain unharmed with this technology so the machine can be used at any time from flowering until harvest. The roller mechanism is designed to provide maximum traction on leaf surface which ensures maximum leaf removal is possible, even in wet canopies. The overall construction is robust, providing longevity and reliability.

We offer a wide range of models to suit every vineyard depending on the scale or terrain:

EB 490 Professional XHD Double In Row

EB 490 Professional XHD Single In Row

EB 490 Professional HD Single In Row

EB 490 Professional HDC Double In Row

EB 490 Professional Overrow

Toolless opening for cleaning purposes


  • Tip pre-trimmer
    To shorten side shoots for perfect leaf stripping results.div>
  • Foliage sensing
    Linear roller guides can even be used on steep slopes and difficult terrain. The contact pressure you set remains unchanged, even when driving up or down hill.
  • VITIcontour - Proportional hydraulic foliage sensing is available for all XHD models. Foliage sensing by runners with adjustable contact pressure.
  • Pivoted mounting
    Allows the entire leaf remover head to pivot 180° to allow efficient leaf removal on a single side of the canopy only.

Download brochure for Binger Seilzug Leaf Removers EB 490 Professional (393 KB)

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