Binger Seilzug Pre-Pruner VSL 07 P

The VSL 07 P is the lightest model in the Binger Seilzug range of Pre-Pruners. Counter-rotating shearing discs cut the vines at the desired height. The exposed shearing discs are not susceptible to blockage and so permit cutting back before the leaves have fallen. 

Two frame sizes permit nine different cutting lengths between 21 and 77 centimetres. This ensures optimum adaptation of the machine to existing vineyard configurations and training forms. 

The VSL 07 P is therefore just as suitable for cordon-trained as for cane-pruned vines.

Its low weight makes the VSL 07 P suitable for use on steep slopes and in difficult terrain.

The VSL 07 P is available with cutting lengths from 21 cm (2 x 4 cm) to 77 cm (2 x 12 shearing discs); there are 7 cm steps from one cutting length to the next.


Adjusting to a different cutting length takes very little time.

Standard equipment

  • Frame with cutting elements
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Trigger to open the unit manually at a post (opens the cutting elements about 30 cm)
  • Guards and protective equipment



  • Frame extension VSL 07 (machine supplied with a larger frame so that up to four additional shearing discs can be fitted)
  • Machine equipped with saws (e.g. for cordon-trained vines)
  • Storage frame VSL

Download brochure for Binger Seilzug Pre-Pruner (257 kb)


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