Binger Seilzug - Leaf Remover EB 490 single-sided

Optionally, the single-sided EB 490 Leaf Remover can be supplied with a 180° pivoted mounting and manual or hydraulic transverse shift. When the pivoted mounting is used in row widths of more than two metres, we recommend that the 30 cm extension fork is used.


  • Stainless steel front cover
  • 180° pivoted mounting with manual transverse shift (30 cm travel)
  • 180° pivoted mounting with hydraulic transverse shift (30 cm travel)
  • 30 cm extension fork for 180° pivoted mounting
  • Foliage sensing
  • Adapter for mounting on an ERO lift
  • Storage frame HD (suitable for transport with a fork-lift truck or hand pallet truck)

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